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INFINAIR Fans - Company Profile

Registered trademark: INFINAIR (The Famous Trademark in Shanghai: awarded)

Scope of business: The company is involved in R&D, production and sales. We provide complete, high-quality ventilation system solutions including environmental ventilation, heating and purification equipment, processed-air transportation equipment (and related control and monitoring systems), as well as adept after-sales service and support.

Founded: September 2003

Paid up capital: 50,000,000 RMB

Architectural area: 33,000 ㎡

Address: No. 55 Qingneng Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai,P. R. China

Zip: 201806

Our vision: To become the most trusted brand of professional air movement/control and air conditioning.

Our mission: To provide the most reliable and user-friendly air movement/control and air conditioning service.

We specialize in:

1. Air systems and intelligent control for various public buildings (government buildings, hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, sports facilities, etc.)

2. Air systems and intelligent control for large-scale commercial complexes, office buildings and hotels

3. Ventilating systems, heating systems and intelligent control for industrial workshops

4. Processed-air transportation equipment and customized fan units

5. Intelligent controls for ventilation systems; contracted energy management services for ventilation systems

6. Equipment maintenance and energy conservation improvement services

7. Air purification services for public spaces

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