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AMCA is short for Air Movement and Control Association. The AMCA is the ventilation indistry’s most authoritative self-regulatory organization worldwide; its members consist of mainstream manufacturers all over the world.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - AMCA accredited lab

AMCA accredited lab

AMCA is actually dedicated to special test item certification of fan for lab, but not all business of lab. The third party lab recognized by AMCA and approved by AMCA board of directors can carry out pre-certification test and fan test etc.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - CNAS lab accreditation

CNAS lab accreditation

China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) evaluates whether a lab can be accredited to National Accredited Testing Laboratory. The evaluation is follows ISO Standard 17025 (Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories). Accredited labs are listed in a directory.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - SO9001 quality management system

ISO9001 quality management system

ISO9001 quality management system is crucial for development and growth of enterprise. ISO9001 is one of core standards of quality management system covered by ISO9000 family standards. ISO9000 family standard is a concept proposed by ISO in 1994, it means international standard developed by ISO/TC176. ISO9001 establishes standard for both quality management system and overall management system, it helps various organizations achieve success by improving customer satisfaction and motivating employees.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - ISO14001 environmental management system

ISO14001 environmental management system

ISO 14001 represents environmental management system certification. ISO 14000 is a series of international standard for environmental administration formulated by ISO TC207 since 1993, it includes focus issues of research and practice in international environmental management field such as EMS, EA, EL LCA, EPE and T&D etc, and provides unified and consistent environmental management system, international standard of product, and strict and regulated certification method.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - OHSAS18001


OHSAS18000 is an international standard developed jointly by 13 organizations such as BSI and DNV in 1999, while ISO was not yet born, OHSAS18000 played a role of exact international standard. OHSAS18001 therein is certification standard, it serves as foundation for OHSAS and main basis for enterprise to conduct internal audit and for certification authority to conduct certification audit.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - Numerous Product Patents

Numerous Product Patents

INFINAIR has obtained more than 40 product patent certificates.

INFINAIR firmly believes that only by providing products that are unique and different from products of other competitors can we provide the best service.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - OHSAS18001


Production License for Industrial Product is an integral part of production license system, is monitoring system formulated and implemented by administrative department in charge of quality supervision of product production field to control the production conditions of processing enterprises in order to ensure quality safety of product. The system stipulates: the person, legal person or other organization engaging in product processing and production must first possess basic production conditions to ensure product quality safety, obtain Production License for Industrial Product according to established procedure, and then work on product production. The enterprises producing explosion-proof electrical products in China must obtain relevant production license, any enterprises not obtaining production license cannot produce explosion-proof electrical product.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - AAA-level credit rating certificate

AAA-level credit rating certificate

Enterprise credit rating certificates are issued to enterprises by certification institutions and banks to indicate the grade of an enterprise’s fund flow. AAA is the highest level. The certification institutions and banks measure and rate the enterprise in many ways, including assets, liability, cash flow, and leaders’ abilities. They formulate various ratios such as asset-liability ratio and quick ratio, and then issue credit rating certificate of different level according to scores.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - Fire Fighting Certification

Fire Fighting Certification

Fire fighting fan should ensure its conventional performance conform to relevant national standard requirements, and have test report issued by institute with testing qualification. In addition, the fire fight fan must be inspected by nationally recognized fire safety testing organization according to GA 211-2009 High Temperature Resistance Test Method of Smoke Extraction Fan, the fan must be able to continuously work for more than 30 minutes at medium temperature in main air duct of 280℃, ensure the high temperature resistance performance meet standard requirements, and provide test report issued by institute with test qualification.

INFINAIR Fans Honor - Explosion-Proof Certification

Explosion-Proof Certification

Fans which operate in flammable and explosive gas environment should be ensured not to generate spark which would ignite or detonate the flammable and explosive gas environment. Such fans are generally referred to as explosion-proof fans.

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