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Centrifugal Fans

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Ventilation system is one of the core implements in buildings. Due to different requirement, ventilation equipment has developed varieties of model to satisfy people’s demand.

Ventilation equipment has 3 main types; there are axial fan, mixed-flow fan and centrifugal fan. According to actual situation, centrifugal fans are one of the most widely used fans. They are cheap and the structures are simple. Most of them are used in transporting gas or materials into ventilation system for buildings. Also, they are suitable to be used in industrial process and air pollution control system. For instance, INFINAIR has designed and manufactured centrifugal inline fans; it is used for civil construction and the advantages of that is light weight, easily installed etc. Another kind of product is industrial centrifugal fans. It is designed to be used in industrial plant. Both of them are INFINAIR’s popular products.

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