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How to Choose the Exhaust Fans?

Exhaust fans are for removing bad smell, excessive smoke from the confined space like kitchen, bathroom, underground garage, etc. Exhaust fans can make air flow so that fresh air replaces bad air. Therefore, exhaust fans are helpful to promote the working or living quality.

1. Types of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are mainly classified according to installation requirements.

  • 1.1 Ceiling Exhaust Fans
    These fans are mounted on the ceilings and send bad air to the outside. The fans make the fresh air enter through either windows or doors. The ceiling exhaust fans are typically connected to the duct which releases bad air through an external vent.

  • 1.2 Wall Exhaust Fans
    These fans are installed on the external walls of the building or the factory, and hence do not demand any duct. The bad air is directly thrown outside through the fan on the external wall. For example, sidewall exhaust fans series of INFINAIR fans manufacturer is your best choice.

  • 1.3 Kitchen Exhaust Fans
    These fans are installed directly above the kitchen stove and help remove excessive lampblack and bad smell from the kitchen. It is recommended that the kitchen exhaust fans vent the air out of the kitchen. Therefore, if these fans are installed, the air of kitchen will become fresh.

2. Technical Terms

While choosing the right exhaust fan, some technical terms might need to consider such as CFM, Sone. And there are simple explanations about these terms.

  • 2.1 Sound Levels (Sones)
    The measure of quietness of exhaust fans is expressed in terms of "sones". Higher the value of sone, louder would be the noise from the exhaust fan. Considering the budget and the need, so sone standard needs to be chosen by depending on circumstances.

  • 2.2 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
    The volume of air moved by the exhaust fan is measured in terms of CFM. The choice of the fan should be based on the appropriate CFM rating. And once the fan type is known, the volume of air exchanged must be decided.

  • 2.3 Duct Types
    Ducts are one of the most basic factors that affect the whole function of exhaust fans. Typically, exhaust fans connected through a firm duct perform better than those connected to a soft duct.

In conclusion, choosing the exhaust fans need to not only consider the types but also need to focus on some technical terms. Only in this way, the performance of the exhaust fans is the best.

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