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The importance of well ventilation in our daily life

A building needs a well ventilation system for the comfortable of the officers and help care for the building (Helena Ripley, 2015). According to the research in the United States, people spend about 90% of their time indoors (Dustin DeTorres, 2015). The effect of ventilation is delivering the fresh air into the building and keeping the air flowing. A good ventilation system design can decrease the budget and save the energy. However, a good system design is not enough. The performance of ventilation equipment is as well as important. Here are some reasons of why outstanding ventilation equipment is as important.

Fire Proof

If the fan has fire proof certification when the building is on fire, the ventilation equipment will promote to keep working to reduce spontaneous combustion, smoke and toxic gases.

Explosion Protection

The same situation when the building is on fire, the ventilation equipment which has explosion protection certification can deliver the toxic gas to outside to help people have time to escape.

Energy Saving

Good ventilation equipment is not only having fire proof and explosion protection certification but also including energy saving function. Due to the revolution in HVAC area, the future mission of ventilation equipment will be more energy efficient. Good ventilation should be more emphasis on innovation especially in the fan’s wheel. Therefore, the wheel is the core implement and most important part in whole ventilation equipment. Compared with common ones, a good design wheel will be more efficient and more energy saving.

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