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The potential of the ventilation products in global market share

Roof mounted fans, inline fans

According to the 2016 global market research, the ventilation business will reach US2.4bn in 2023, however, in 2015; it has only US1.5bn (Transparency Market Research, 2016). 8 years in the future, the market demand will be increased by 0.9bn and which means this is a huge opportunity for ventilation manufacturers to expand the global market share. At the same time, due to the global economy is showing signs of recovery, more buildings are being building because of greater marketing demand.

China has published the road and road initiative in 2015 and according to government macro policy; verities of enterprises have invested directly in Silk Road countries. Over 3000 engineering projects have been started which included road works, commercial and industrial constructions. Ventilation system design and establish is necessary in Commercial and industrial plant constructions. Roof mounted fans, inline fans, and sidewall exhaust fans are the most common and important products in air circulation applications. Good ventilation equipment can decrease air pollutants which are harmful to the human bodies especially in confined spaces. The responsibilities of roof mounted fans, inline fans, and sidewall exhaust fans are for delivering and discharging air. So, they are necessary for us to focus on that.

Therefore, we believe that China will play an important role in improving the economic situations in developing countries in the future.

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