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Inline Duct Fans with DWDI - YFICD

Inline Duct Fans with DWDI - YFICD

Volume range:0~9,600 m³/h

Static pressure range:0~600 Pa

Impeller Specification:200~400

drive type: Direct Driven

Installation: hanging, floor-mounted

Product feature

  • Low noise and mute quality
    • Double wide impeller with double inlets: large volume, low speed, run more quietly.
    • Reasonable noise reduction: inlet size recommended by AMCA makes airflow more smoothly with no turbulent flow, so as to bring lower noise. In addition, choosing acoustical lining can reduce noise further more.
    • New design of airflow channel: Suppress the side noise generated by installation effectively.
  • Safe and reliable
    • Over heating protection: All motor equipped with over-temperature protection device ensure running safety and reliable.
    • High static pressure: impeller blades special designed according to different characteristic of pros and cons, can increase airflow stability when static pressure changes.
  • Convenient and functional
    • Compact structure: New cabinet design in smaller volume, it is easier to installation and saving space.
    • Multiple adjustment options: Equipped with three gear variable-speed control, user may choose different volume to meeting the requirements.
    • Anechoic Centrifugal Cabinet Fan is mostly used in such sites as: (In-Line Cabinet Fan is mostly used in such sites as:hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, dance halls, auditoriums, colleges and scientific research units, as well as industrial and civil building ventilation etc. Max Volume is 9600m3/h and max Static pressure is 600Pa, supplying seven models totally. Naming

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