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Inline Centrifugal Fan with DWDI-YFICK

Inline Centrifugal Fan with DWDI-YFICK

Volume range:1,400~115,000 m³/h

Static pressure range:100~1,800 Pa

Impeller Specification: 280~1,000

drive type: Belt Driven

Installation: hanging, floor-mounted

Wheel feature

  • The forward inclined DWDI wheel has good ability of low noise and reliable running
    • The forward curved wheel has bigger volume comparing with backward curved wheel in the same speed
    • The forward curved wheel has lower speed and lower noise comparing with backward curved wheel in the same working condition.
    • Spinning precisely matched Venturi inlets and wheel cones assuring smooth, which further results well rectification effect and low noise
  • Advanced technology ensure accuracy
    • The fan housing is “Pittsburgh” method joined, which results 0 air leakage
    • The two pieces of housing side joint at the same one time procedure to improve the accuracy and reduce the dimension of assembly error
    • The blades are made by once punch forming, and dedicated fixture to ensure precise install
  • More reliable physical design
    • The forward curved wheel precisely designed reinforcing threaded rod make sure long time reliable running
    • The backward curved wheel reinforcing rod set on exact position to ensure long-term secure operation
    • The fan is supported by stable channel steel frame, so that stable running of the fan is ensured
  • The backward inclined DWDI wheel has good ability of high efficiency and high energy savings
    • The backward curved wheel has higher efficiency comparing with axial wheel, mixed flow wheel and forward curved wheel
    • Accurately sized V-type performance baffle effectively reduced turbulence which results low noise and high efficiency
    • The backward curved wheel has repeatedly optimized performance cures results safer running
  • High balancing level
    • Balance level up to G2.5 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only)
    • To reduce the vibration of the fan, to improve reliability
    • To reduce the running noise effectively

Product feature

  • Sealed cabinet structure to reduce the noise
    • High-quality and low noise forward/backward inclined DWDI fan inside.
    • Inlet space inside is following AMCA recommended value to ensure air flow more smoothly.
    • The air flow pattern of the completed unit are simulated and optimized via CFD hydro-field calculation software.
    • Aluminum alloy cabinet structure to make effective sound insulation.
    • Double cabinet structure as optional to reduce noise further.
  • High-quality material selection to ensure long-term secure operation
    • High-quality extruded aluminum frame: firm structure.
    • without distortion after long time.
    • Cold rolled steel wall panel (galvanized steel as optional).
    • Electrostatic epoxy as optional.
  • Complete functions
    • Motor located inside cabinet: HVAC supply and exhaust application.
    • Motor located outside cabinet: integrated for smoke removal and supply/exhaust.
    • Certified by national authorities (motor outside).
    • Double-speed supply & exhaust, filter supply & exhaust.
  • Flexible forms suitable for a variety of working conditions
    • Various outlet directions available.
    • Double-speed motor available.
    • Floor-mounted and over-hanging installation or pipe installation available.
  • Outdoor installation with weather hood available
    • Belt drive: precise and adjustable.
    • More precise selection up to the requirements of design conditions.
    • Easier maintenance and replacement of motor.
    • Independent bearings to bear the vibration to prolong bearings’ life.
    • With adjustable motor plant for belt tightness.
    • Flexible adjustment suitable for site design change.

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