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Tubular Centrifugal Fans with SWSI - YFILC

Tubular Centrifugal Fans with SWSI - YFILC

Volume range:200~7,000 m³/h

Static pressure range: 50~500 Pa

Impeller Specification:200~400

drive type: Direct Driven

Installation: hanging

Product feature

  • Low Noise
    • Lots of forward curved impellers structure:Suction air in constant speed, decrease the noise substantially, artistic and light.
    • New design of airflow channel:Suppress the side noise generated by installation effectively.
  • Convenient and functional
    • Compact structure:New cabinet design in smaller volume, it is easier to installation and saving space.
    • Multiple adjustment options:Equipped with three gear variable-speed control, user may choose different volume to meeting the requirements.
  • Safe and reliable
    • Over heating protection:All motor equipped with over-temperature protection device ensure running safety and reliable.
    • High static pressure:Blade-shaped blade design, increase the static pressure changes in wind output stability.
    • Application range: building, hospital, hotel, shop, underground parking and supermarket etc. Max Volume is 7,000m3/h; Max Static pressure is 500Pa.Seven model selection totally.

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