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Inline Axial Fans - YFIAS

Inline Axial Fans - YFIAS

Volume range: 2,600~180,000 m³/h

Static pressure range: 50~1,600 Pa

Impeller Specification: 350~1,600

drive type: Direct Driven


Wheel feature

  • Optimized design
    IAS series axial wheel adopts advanced state-of-the-art CFD hydro-field simulating technology. It features localized stress equilibrium during operation,energy efficient,low noise. Specially designed curved wheel blade surface guarantees excellent aerodynamic performance.
  • Balancing level
    Every wheel is statically and dynamically balanced to the level of G2.5(Typical products are of G6.3 only). This would help the wheel running quietly after long time.
  • Molding technology
    Punch forming moulds guarantee uniform and standard blade profile arc, precise dimensions and provide excellent foundation for long-term stable running.
  • Continuous welding
    Blades shall be precision positioning and hub for continuously welded. High strenghth, reinforced vibration tolerance, and long life performance no easy fatigue.

Product feature

  • Independent motor chamber: protect motor from high temperature damage
    • Motor located in an independent chamber, isolated from airstream
    • Motor fan generated negative pressure,draw fresh cooling air from outside
    • Heat shield power supply,wiring out of airstream and avoiding shout-cut
  • Rigid structure with state-of-the-art workmanship
    • Housing rigidity improved by spun flanges from same piece of housing metal
    • Housing: continuously welded,leakage free
    • 12 procedures of electrostatic applied epoxy coating: anti-corrosion resistance improved
  • Licensed smoke removal duty
    • National approved&lincensed smoke removal duty
    • Dual-speed motor available covering both general&smoke removel duty
    • Roof pressurizing or exhaust installation type available
  • Advanced aerodynamic flow pattern
    • High housing roundness reduced turbulence
    • Limited tip clearance:blade tip turbulence effectively reduced&fan's efficiency improved
    • Guide vane:efficiency improve noise reduce
    • Large wind band can be assembled at jobsite: quick and economic
    • Large size hood assembled ai jobsite: expensive hositing cost reduced
    • Large size hood shipped hoose: transportation cost reduced

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