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DWDI Industrial Centrifugal Fans - YFBCDL

DWDI Industrial Centrifugal Fans - YFBCDL

Volume range:1,112~499550 m³/h

Static pressure range:200~3,000 Pa

Impeller Specification:280~2,000

drive type: Belt Driven

Installation: floor-mounted

Wheel feature

Design of backward curved wheel
  • The fan adopts advanced technology. Design of backward curved centrifugal wheel is optimized by means of CFD hydro-field simulating. The design is more accordant with the aerodynamic characteristics, and has lower noise, and stable airflow.
  • Steel plasma cutting, precise positioning jig and all-welded manufacture.
  • Steel Jaser cutting, precise positioning jig and all-welded technique are adopted for the blade to ensure smoothness of the margin of the blade. The welding angle is accurate, the whole blade is with strong strength, and the stress is evenly distributed during long-time high-speed operation. The operation is stable and reliable.
  • Each wheel is subjected to dynamic balance test. We insist to the balancing level of G4.0 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only). Long-term quiet and stable running of the fan is ensured fundamentally.
  • Large volume and wide high-efficiency range.
  • Double air inlet structure is applied to the wheel, which ensures a large volume. In addition, the pneumatic performance of the wheel is smooth and flat, and has a wide high-efficiency range.

Product feature

  • All-steel welded structure, ensuring better strength and safety
    • The FEA theoretical design structure is adopted for the main body of the fan. It is made through welding the steel plates, which ensures a stable structure and high strength of the fan, as well as better safety performance.
    • Continuous welded scroll, ensuring excellent air-tight performance
    • The scroll of the fan is made of steel by continuous welding, which ensures excellent strength of the scroll, and meanwhile prevents leakage of gas.
  • High reliability
    • Fan shaft is subjected to finish turning & hardening and tempering. Maximum load surpasses 35% of limit speed;
    • Bearing seal can be lubricated. Service life more than L10:80000 hours;
    • The fan is supported by stable channel steel base, so that stable running of the fan is ensured.
  • High Energy Efficiency Classification
    • The fan adopts backward curved wheel with high balancing level and high efficiency. In combination with housing designed by CFD flow field simulation and inlet Venturi pipe, fan Energy Efficiency Classification up to FEG80 (AMCA 205), and high-efficiency and energy-saving operating of the fan is ensured.
  • Convenient mating device
    • Design of the fan (A6 drive arrangements) ensures that the driving mechanism could be installed on both ends of the shaft. Driving mechanism of right-handed rotation or left-handed rotation could be adopted as the mating device according to actual needs.

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