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Plug Industrial Centrifugal Fans - YFBCPR

Plug Industrial Centrifugal Fans - YFBCPR

Volume range:5,000~1,00000 m³/h

Static pressure range:600~6,000 Pa

Impeller Specification:355~1,400

drive type: Belt Driven


Wheel feature

  • Backward curved steel wheel type R

    wheel uses the advanced technology, Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation for backward cured centrifugal wheel. It means blade section has a certain radian, not a straight line; the angle between air flow direction and blade velocity direction is blunt angle. This type of centrifugal wheel is the most efficiency. Mercury series wheel is higher efficient, produces less noise, and guarantees stable performance compared with backward inclined wheel.

  • Plasma cut, clamp positioned and continuously welded

    The fan blade is laser cutting, precisely positioned by clamp, and continuously welded. The process guarantees the smooth panel edge, precise welding angle, rigid structure. The stress shall be distributed evenly for stable running at high speed for a long time

  • Balance quality grade up to G4.0

    Each wheel is dynamically balanced to the level of G4.0(Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only),this would help the wheel running quietly for a long time.

  • Stress analyze tested

    Whole wheel is aided design of CAE, Strengthen slots properly located and repeatedly validated to ensure long-term reliability of operation

  • Non-overloading and Wide performance range of high efficiency

    Wheel naturally have a peak value on the shaft power curve when motor power is larger than peak value. No matter what operating point it is. It can guarantee safe usage.““”This type of wheel has smooth and satiable performance curve and wide working area of high efficiency, effectively avoid the performance loss caused by working point change.

Product feature

  • High Reliability
    • Backward curved centrifugal wheel with high efficiency wide and non-overload characteristics to ensure operation more safely.
    • To be adopted FEA-aided stress and vibration analysis design for high strength and small vibration, bring about a result that long-time running more stable.
    • When the temperature of -20-250℃, the fan flow surface (impeller、 optional volute) adopts the high quality carbon steel Q345B; When the temperature of 250-450℃, the fan flow surface adopts 304 stainless steel.
    • The bearing holes both sides of the box body were processed once, therefore the bearings coaxial degree are good, and the bearing life is long to ensure long-term continuous operation.
    • Insulation board, protect transmission from the influence of high temperature condition, improve the transmission group life.
    • Fan shaft is subjected to finish turning & hardening and tempering. Maximum load surpasses 35% of limit speed;
  • Convenience
    • Belt drive: precise and adjustable, selection up to the requirements of design conditions.
    • The motor and bearing box were installed in side of the insulation board for easy installation and maintenance.
    • The bearing box equips with lard cavity to ensure bearings oil bath lubrication, Its cooling effect is very good and application of temperature from -20℃ to 450℃.
    • Oil cavity mirror design make fuel oil change intuitive and convenient.
  • High efficiency
    • Optimized design repeatedly of CFD flow field simulation to ensure aerodynamic performance complied with the flow field characteristics.
    • Standard equipped INFINAIR bearing box, the shaft damage is small and the transmission efficiency is higher.
    • Venturi inlet design as optional matched front disc precisely to avoid turbulent flow and air leakage ,so that the air flow more smoothly to improve aerodynamic performance.
    • The volte design as optional to further improve efficiency. The fan efficiency grades up to FEG80 (AMCA 205). Naming

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