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Centrifugal Utility Set Kitchen Exhaust Fans - CUS

Centrifugal Utility Set Kitchen Exhaust Fans - CUS

Volume range: 500~550,00 m³/h

Static pressure range: 136~1,600 Pa

Impeller Specification: 300~1,000

drive type: Belt Driven

Installation: hanging, floor-mounted

Wheel feature

  • Effect of the 4rd generation Wind-SurferTM wheel series
    • Excellent aerodynamic characteristics and noise characteristics.
    • High-efficient area width without overloading.
    • Balance quality grade up to G2.5(Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only).
  • Air performance design
    • Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation,repeatedly validated.
    • Front disc and inlet venture tube according with folw field characteristic.
    • Flow passage control:matched each other to restrain the air flow better.
    • Optimize the blade angles.
  • Structure performance design
    • Stress analysis of FEA to improve performance.
    • Selected the strengthen structure according to different specifications to improve reliability.
    • Using riveting technology to avoid stress.
  • Improved wheel
    • Continues improvement:The wheel has the 4rd generation.
    • Compared with the 2rd generation:Performance increased by 5-10% in the same parameters.
    • Compared with the 2rd generation: Noise reduced 2-3 dB(A)in the same parameters.
  • Advanced process
    • Inlet venture tube & Front disc:spun process to ensure streamlines aerodynamic characteristics.
    • Inlet venture tube: replace bell mouth to ensure smooth air flow.
    • Blades:once punch forming to ensure process quality.
    • Tooling:dedicated fixture to ensure precise install of the blades.

Product feature

  • Wide performance range
    • Wheel diameter :300~1000mm
    • Wheel rotation speed range, easy to select
    • Pulley can be adjusted turns or replaced, motor is replaceable: fine tone
    • Fan performance range easily
  • Housing can be rotated at jobsite
    • Scroll is fixed by 8 housing bolts ; within limited angle
  • Spark B resistant construction
    • Aluminum wheel & inlet Natural explosion resistant
    • AMCA standard:Spark B
  • Continuously Welded Housing
    • Continuously welded housing:rigid structure
    • Suitable for wet or contaminated air compared with mechanical “pittsburg” lock-seam housing
    • Will not leak when liquid gathered inside the scroll
    • Suitable for exhaust wet or grease contaminated air
  • Easy maintenance
    • Access doors are available on both sides of motor chamber
    • One screw driver finishes all electrical and mechanical inspection :easily and quickly
    • Standard scroll access door available
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
    • Optional weather cover: protect the whole drive
    • Avoid sunshine , rain , snow directly impact on running parts
    • Climate factor on durability and safety of the outdoor-installed
    • Fan is reduced
  • Compact profile
    • Belt drive : AMCA arrangement 10 (motor is under the shaft). Direct drive: AMCA arrangment 4.
    • Fan size reduced expensive mechanical room space saved
    • Belt length reduced and belt life extended
    • The low center height of scroll leaves more space for duct installation
  • AMCA Seal:sound and air performance certified
    • The sound & air performance is approved by AMCA
    • Sound & Air Performance Seal is applied to each fan

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