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Tubular Centrifugal Fans for Kitchen - YFICA

Tubular Centrifugal Fans for Kitchen - YFICA

Volume range: 260,00 m³/h

Static pressure range: 1,000 Pa

Impeller Specification: 300~675

drive type: Belt/Direct Driven

Installation: hanging, floor-mounted

Wheel feature

  • Effect of the 4rd generation Wind-SurferTM wheel series
    • Excellent aerodynamic characteristics and noise characteristics.
    • High-efficient area width without overloading.
    • Balance quality grade up to G2.5(Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only)
  • Air performance design
    • Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation,repeatedly validated.
    • Front disc and inlet venture tube according with folw field characteristic.
    • Flow passage control:matched each other to restrain the air flow better.
    • Optimize the blade angles.
  • Structure performance design
    • Stress analysis of FEA to improve performance.
    • Selected the strengthen structure according to different specifications to improve reliability.
    • Using riveting technology to avoid stress.
  • Improved wheel
    • Continues improvement:The wheel has the 4rd generation.
    • Compared with the 2rd generation:Performance increased by 5-10% in the same parameters.
    • Compared with the 2rd generation: Noise reduced 2-3 dB(A)in the same parameters.
  • Advanced process
    • Inlet venture tube & Front disc:spun process to ensure streamlines aerodynamic characteristics.
    • Inlet venture tube: replace bell mouth to ensure smooth air flow.
    • Blades:once punch forming to ensure process quality.
    • Tooling:dedicated fixture to ensure precise install of the blades.

Product feature

  • New structure design for kitchen exhaust (PL type only)
    • Motor placed outside airflow, effectively avoid smoke pollution motors, along with good cooling effect and extend the service life of the motor.
    • Sealed bearing shield set on shaft seal, which can effectively prevent contamination of the bearing gas fumes.
    • The large access doors for easy removal, can impeller, main shaft and bearings as a whole for maintenance, and cleaning the impeller usually can be done by the access door as well.
    • A sump is designed on the bottom of fan casing, for collecting oil flowing along the casing wall from the impeller to defend pipe pollution by oil. The sump is should be disassembled for regular cleaning. The sump should include an outfall for being collected with pipe to exhaust polluted water and oil.
    • The fan casing set has a bearing leads to grease nipple, bearing grease filling is very convenient.
    • According to the site installation conditions, allows the motor mounting position in 3 or 9 o’clock direction (facing the inlet), ease of installation and save space.
  • High efficiency and low noise
    • Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation, repeatedly validated, to ensure compliance with the aerodynamic performance of flow field characteristics.
    • Inlet venturi once spin forming, surface is smooth and streamline.
    • Inlet venturi and front coil of wheel precise fit, excellent commutation effect, turbulence reduce, efficiency improved, noise reduced.
  • Compact structure and Convenient installation
    • Fan overall compact design, lift adjustable belt structure, small fan and saving installation space.
    • Eight mounting supports are welded on cylinder uniformly. Can be selected a different installation method according to the site installation conditions and Convenient installation.
  • High reliable design: safe, stable and long life
    • Fan adopts advanced FEA aided design, to improve the reliability of the structure.
    • Fan shell continuous welded structure, high strength, no leakage, improve the safety of operation.
    • Fan shaft are precisely turned, and the maximum load is 25% higher than that of the max RPM, which ensure the safety during long time continuously running.
    • Sealed bearing lubrication, life of more than L10:80000 hours, to ensure the reliability of long-term continuous operation.
    • Aluminum wheel and the inlet, to AMCA Standard Spark B grade explosion proof.
    • Motor placed outside airflow, good radiating result and long life.

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