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Quiet Mixed Flow Fans - YFIMF-ST

Quiet Mixed Flow Fans - YFIMF-ST

Volume range:900~800,00 m³/h

Static pressure range: 0~1,027 Pa

Impeller Specification: 400~1,250

drive type: Belt/Direct Driven

Installation: hanging, floor-mounted

Wheel feature

  • Fully mixed flow: completely surpass the time of semi mixed flow
    • Revolutionary breakthrough: impellers with front disc, achieving real fully mixed flow.
    • Full-process control over flow passage to improve aerodynamic characteristics.
    • Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation.
    • Inlet Venturi tube: streamlined design.
    • Dome-shaped hub: greatly reduce turbulent flow and backflow.
    • Continuously optimized patent 3D curved blade design.
  • Effect of fully mixed flow:
    • Greatly improve the efficiency (by 28% on average).
    • Wide performance range of high efficiency.
    • Optimal for medium-pressure inline fans.
  • Advanced process
    • Inlet Venturi tube: spinning process to ensure streamline aerodynamic characteristics.
    • Inlet Venturi tube: completely substitute cone, ensuring smooth air flow.
    • Front disc: spinning process to ensure streamline aerodynamic characteristics.
    • Blade: dedicated fixture to ensure precise welding positioning of 3D curved surfaces.
    • Hub: dome shaped, with obvious cowling effect.
    • Balance quality grade up to G2.5.
  • Outlet straightening vanes
    • Get the swirl flow behind the blade to be smoother.
    • Guide the air flow to move axially, reducing turbulent flow;
    • Convert partial dynamic pressure to static pressure;
    • Improved aerodynamic performance and efficiency of static pressure;
    • Effectively reduce the noise.
  • Difference from semi mixed flow impeller
    • Front disc: none for semi mixed flow impeller.
    • Inlet Venturi tube: none for semi mixed flow impeller, substituted by a cone.
    • Blade: plate type blade for semi mixed flow impeller.
    • Hub : cone-like design for semi mixed flow impeller, with turbulent flow.
    • Straightening vanes within the cylinder: none for semi mixed flow impeller.

Product feature

  • Performance features
    • Compared with inline centrifugal fan: higher efficiency.
    • Compared with inline axial fan: higher pressure.
    • Between Point A and Point B, high efficiency and low noise.
    • Between Point A and Point B, optimal for inline fans.
  • Complete functions
    • Smoke removal duty, positive pressure air supply, fire certification.
    • Explosion-proof supply & exhaust.
    • Two-speed ventilation.
    • Variable velocity variable frequency.
    • Laboratory.
    • Outdoor roof installation with cowl.
  • Advantages of belt drive: precise, adjustable
    • Air volume is adjustable on site.
    • More precise selection up to the requirements of design conditions.
    • Easier maintenance and replacement of motor.
    • Independent bearing to bear the vibration, extending the bearing life.
    • On-site rotation, with the motor at a different position.
    • Base with adjustable belt.
    • Flexible on-site design change.
  • Advantages of direct drive: efficient, maintenance-free
    • Higher transmission efficiency.
    • No wearing parts, low maintenance.
    • Easier and more effective servicing and maintenance.
    • Sealed self-lubricating bearing for motor, increasing service life.
    • Compact design to save installation space.
  • Convenient and flexible installation
    • Horizontal installation on a base [belt drive type, with the motor at one side.
    • Horizontal suspension [belt drive type, with the motor at one side.
    • Vertical installation on a base.
    • Vertical suspension.
    • Roof installation.
  • Sound vault housing: running more quiet and stable
    • To block the fan noise effectively.
    • To reduce medium-high frequency sound substantially.
    • High rigidity frame structure for running more stable.
    • Especially suitable for sound critical applications.
    • Concise & atmospheric to enhance taste.
      Center Frequencies(Hz) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
      Attenuation Value(dB) 7 10 13 16 17 18 19 19
      Attenuation Value(dB) 12 19 24 30 33 34 35 35
      *Note: Value with optional acoustical lining.
  • Patent and certification
    • National patent products.
    • AMCA certification for aerodynamic characteristics and noise.
    • FEG is licensed by AMCA.
    • Products with AMCA certification mark.

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