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Inline Mixed Flow Fans - YFIMF

Inline Mixed Flow Fans - YFIMF

Volume range:80,000 m³/h

Static pressure range:2,150 Pa

Impeller Specification:400~900

drive type: Belt/Direct Driven

Installation: hanging, floor-mounted, Outdoor roof

Wheel feature

  • Fully mixed flow: completely surpass the time of semi mixed flow
    • Revolutionary breakthrough: impellers with front disc, achieving real fully mixed flow
    • Full-process control over flow passage to improve aerodynamic characteristics
    • Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation
    • Inlet Venturi tube: streamlined design
    • Dome-shaped hub: greatly reduce turbulent flow and backflow
  • Effect of fully mixed flow:
    • Greatly improve the efficiency than traditional semi mixed flow
    • Wide performance range of high efficiency
    • Optimal for medium-pressure inline fans
  • Characteristics of fully mixed flow wheel- type T
    • Higher static pressure
    • Reduce the loss of air volume caused by system deviation
    • Selection speed lower in the same condition
    • Reduce the vibration and noise further
  • Multi-angle selection
    • 400-1120mm, a total of 10 kinds of impeller specifications
    • 30-40 angle, a total of 6 kinds of blade angles
    • 4/6poles, a total of 2 kinds speed
    • More precise selection to reduce risk
  • Advanced process
    • Inlet Venturi tube: spinning process to ensure streamline aerodynamic characteristics
    • Inlet Venturi tube: completely substitute cone, ensuring smooth air flow
    • Front disc: spinning process to ensure streamline aerodynamic characteristics
    • Blade: dedicated fixture to ensure precise welding positioning
    • Hub: dome shaped, with obvious cowling effect
    • Balance quality grade up to G2.5
  • Outlet straightening vanes
    • Get the swirl flow behind the blade to be smoother
    • Guide the air flow to move axially, reducing turbulent flow
    • Convert partial dynamic pressure to static pressure
    • Improved aerodynamic performance and efficiency of static pressure
    • Effectively reduce the noise

Product feature

  • Optimal selection for inline fan in mid-pressure
    • Compared with inline centrifugal fan: higher efficiency
    • Compared with inline axial fan: higher pressure
    • Between Point A and Point B, high efficiency and low noise
    • Multi-angle for selection coverage completely within the range of shadow area
    • Perfect sound quality: low-frequency and quieter operation
    • Low noise because of fully flow wheel’s aerodynamic physical design
    • Low-frequency characteristic (62.5~250Hz), quieter in people’s ears
    • Double isolation motor’s noise by independent motor chamber
  • Advantages of direct drive: efficient, maintenance-free
    • Higher transmission efficiency
    • No wearing parts, low maintenance
    • Easier and more effective servicing and maintenance
    • Sealed self-lubricating bearing for motor, increasing service life
    • Compact design to save installation space
  • Complete functions
    • General air supply& exhaust
    • Smoke removal duty, positive pressure air supply, fire certification
    • Two-speed supply& exhaust
    • Laboratory exhaust
  • Convenient and flexible installation
    • Floor-mounted: horizontal or vertical
    • Ceiling-mounted: horizontal or vertical
    • Rooftop: Outdoor roof installation with flag-cloud wing band
  • INFI-KOAT Molecular FilmTM: long-lasting coating
    • Pickling, phosphating and caustic washing to ensure clean surface
    • Electrostatic incorporation of solid powder to obtain uniform coating
    • High-adhesion film melt within high temperature furnace
    • Resistance to ultraviolet, moisture and marine climate
    • Resistance to large area of uniform corrosion and local pitting corrosion

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