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Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans - RTC

Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans - RTC

Volume range:600~52,000 m³/h

Static pressure range:100~1,000 Pa

Impeller Specification:300~1,000

drive type: Belt/Direct Driven

Installation:rooftop mounted

Wheel feature

  • Novel design overturning the tradition
    • Excellent aerodynamic characteristics
    • Leading efficiency and noise advantage
    • Highly efficient area width, no overload
  • Internationally advanced process is adopted for better conformity with characteristics of the flow field
    • Flow passage components are spin formed, in replacement of the traditional process
    • The blade is formed at one time by pressing, having ensured the processing quality
    • Special machine, mould and tooling design have ensured the molding and positioning precision
  • Carefully selected materials applicable to fire-fighting and coastal occasions
    • The strength is designed to be 200% of the highest rotating speed, and may fully satisfy the fire-fighting requirement
    • The material is resistant to neutral salt spray, and is widely used in the coastal regions
    • The rigorous experimental tests win trustworthiness.
  • Wind-Surfer wheel comes to its fourth generation (4G)
    • Continuous improvement, constant promotion
    • Higher energy efficiency, lower energy waste
    • Less noise, more quietness
  • Whole aluminum alloy, light weight and inborn explosion-proof
    • Metal texture promotes the taste
    • Light weight accounting for only 1/3 of that of the traditional
    • Having reached the highest explosion-proof class SPACK A(AMCA 99)

Product feature

  • Independent motor chamber: extra long lifetime
    • Drive located in an independent chamber, contamination contact free.
    • Suitable for lubrication grease, kitchen grease, dust and VOC exhaust.
    • Stable performance and lifetime longer than 10 years.
  • Patented in design, practical& artistic
    • Elegant profile design, balanced proportion and sophisticated craftwork.
    • Silver white metallic lustre casing, harmonious with different building colors.
    • Modernize buildings with enhanced taste.
    • Blade falling resistant, prevent condensation falling into room.
    • Even if blades break accidentally, blade pieces shall not fall into inside room without safety guard installation.
    • Condensation will flow along blade to the outside instead of inside, available used in coastal and humid area.
  • Light: suitable for steel structure roofdeck
    • Housing and wheel: aluminum alloy material.
    • Effectively reduce roof load: investment on steel structure is saved.
  • Patented positive cooling technology
    • Auxiliary blades suck in air: negative pressure in drive chamber.
    • Fresh cool air continuously pushing in to drive chamber: cool the motor bearing.
    • Motor and bearing life extended effectively.
  • Widely applied to needs
    • Explosion-proof exhaust, all aluminum construction.
    • Smoke removal application.
    • Coastal high-salt condensation.

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