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Wall Mounted Supply / Exhaust Fans - YFWMF

Wall Mounted Supply / Exhaust Fans - YFWMF

Volume range:1,300~174,300 m³/h

Static pressure range: 0~600 Pa

Impeller Specification:630~1,800

drive type: Belt/Direct Driven

Installation:wall mounted

Wheel feature

  • Air performance design
    • Optimized design of CFD flow field simulation, repeatedly validated.
    • Wheel cutting the air flow asymptotically, air flow direction is stable and high in consistence.
    • 3D curved blade design: Guide air to flow smoothly and reduce turbulent current.
  • Structure performance design
    • Computer aided design of CAE for optimizing structure performance.
    • The connection technology of hub and blade is highly reliable.
    • Blade end vibration effectively reduced by aided design, prevent blade distortion or breaking after long time running.
  • Advanced process
    • The 3D curved blades are formed by mould pressing to ensure precision.
    • Special tooling is adopted for hub to ensure precision.
    • Special tooling is adopted for the installation of blade to ensure performance.
  • High balancing level
    • Balance quality grade up to G2.5(AMCA 204).
    • Keep running safely and steadily for a long time.
    • Extend service life of the fan.
  • Diverse selection
    • 10 kinds of specifications, the maximum wheel diameter is 1800mm.
    • Wheel material: carbon steel, stainless steel.

Product feature

  • Motor is inside of air stream and lubrication free: suitable for installing on high wall
    • Small size, simple structure, light and stable running.
    • Motor is inside of air stream: effective cooling extended motor life.
    • Lubricating free motor: maintenance free unit suitable for installing on high wall.
    • No belt: no need to climb high to replace belt from time to time.
  • Square housing: reasonable profile
    • Square opening in concrete, brick or steel wall: easier.
    • Single layer steel wall with horizontal support beam: simple and reliable.
  • Complete accessories available: thoughtful
    • Standard accessories: 45°weatherhood and stainless steel bird screen (for WEX air exhaust), 90°weatherhood and stainless steel insect screen (for WSP air supply), safety protective screening and stainless steel fastener.
    • Optional accessories: gravity back-draft damper, casing with epoxy spray coating and explosion resistant structure.

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