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Side Wall Exhaust Fans - WEX & WSP

This video is about INFINAIR sidewall exhaust and supply fan. WEX is the side wall exhaust fan, while WSP is the side wall supply fan. They can be utilized in either industrial workshop or large buildings.

The axial wheel series are carefully designed to fit the wall mount application, for both general and explosive air exchange. We optimized the axial wheel thru our CFD technology. The repeatedly flow field simulation ensured the superior aerodynamic performance. The propeller blade surfaces are beautifully 3D curved, that’s the secret how can we generate low noise and keep high efficiency, while maintaining large air volume. All blades are forward sweeping type, which means when the blades are cutting air, they break into the air progressively. By such gentle motion combined with the curved surface, the turbulence is effectively reduced.

Thru INFINAIR FEA technology, we placed proper reinforcement slots near the end of the blades, which greatly reduced vibration. Besides, we can prevent blade distortion or breaking after long time running, while not increase energy consumption.WEX and WSP’s wheel balancing level reach G2.5 as per AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) Standard 204.

The motors are external rotor type for general exhaust. These motors are located inside air stream, and are effectively cooled. They are free of maintenance, which are meaningful for you if they are installed at high location. Explosive resistant motor are available including BT4, CT4, and dust explosion type. The WEX and WSP housing are square. Square wall hole can be opened much easier for concrete or brick or steel panel wall types.

The accessories are complete. By default, WEX exhaust fan is equipped with 45°weather hood, and stainless bird screen. Again, by default, WSP supply fan is equipped with 90°weather hood, and stainless steel insect screen. All above are factory installed. While, the weather hoods can be deducted if outer wall is with rain-proof louvers. The internal safety protective mesh can prevent accidental personal injury while operating. Optional epoxy powder coating is available to prevent corrosive for 10 years. Optional aluminum back-draft damper is light and low pressure loss. It can be opened easily, and closed by gravity which is simple and reliable.

Want to know more? Please take a look at our WEX&WSP case study video. Please feel free to contact us online. Thank you!

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