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INFINAIR Fans Project - A signature job of INFINAIR in Wanli Tires

A signature job of INFINAIR in Wanli Tires

This video is about one of the signature projects showing how INFINAIR overcame various challenges in the tires industry.Wanli Tire Corporation,with annual capacity of 16 million tires,is one of the largest radial tire manufacturer in southern China.

INFINAIR Fans Project - INFINAIR Centrifugal Fans of Ningde Nuclear Power Plant

INFINAIR Centrifugal Fans of Ningde Nuclear Power Plant

Ningde Nuclear Power Plant is built on an island in China.East to the Eastern Sea and north to Qingchuan Bay.The plant's capability is to generate 3,267 megawatts,which is about 7.3% of the overall power generation of Fujian province.

INFINAIR Fans Project - 12 years of continuous service

What kind of fans can offer 12 years of continuous service?

This video is about longtime work products of INFINAIR in Beijing .We supplied our fans on Nov.2004.After 12 years non-stop service,we can still see the fans run well.Even though the wind and rain erode the housings,the performances of fans are still very healthy.

INFINAIR Fans Project - Xinzheng Int’l Airport Phase 2

Xinzheng Int’l Airport Phase 2

INFINAIR participated and competed the bidding for the signature airport job in 2014. The construction department of the airport issued an honorary credential for Excellent Suppliers for appreciate and identify. And they even wrote a Letter of Thanks to express their satisfaction of our working quality and attitude. They advocate that INFINAIR is a right choice.

INFINAIR Fans Project - IKEA Xi'an

IKEA Xi'an

Area: Xi'an, China. Product ex-works: Mar. 2015. Products: Inline Square Centrifugal Fan-ISQ. Small size, the scroll is saved and the cabinet size is reduced. Multi-discharge, more convenient and flexible for design & construction. High efficiency, low noise, certified by AMCA international.

INFINAIR Fans Project - Yantai Changyu International Wine City

Yantai Changyu International Wine City

Area: Yantai, China. Product ex-works: Mar. 2016. Products: Roof Top Centrifugal Exhaust Fan - RTC. All Aluminum construction, Light weight and inborn explosion-proof, Applicable to fire-fighting and coastal high-salt occasions.


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